We hope all of you are safe. We've decided to add some rules to our regular and one-time aka lifetime licenses. Because recently we've seen many customers are asking us to change their license's IP multiple times. 

  1. A customer can claim 1x time free IP change for a license.
  2. 2. After claiming 1x time free IP changes, they'll be charged (each request).
    * $1.50 USD for regular a license
    * $5.00 USD for a lifetime license
  3. Customer needs to deposit money to their account first to get the IP changed by us.
  4. If they dispute the payment after we change their IP, we will block the whole account.
  5. If we found, anything suspicious, we'll be forced to block his/her license.
  6. All sales/requests are final. No mistakes/apologies are accepted.

We believe we do the best for our customers. So, we've added the above rules for all, to protect all from abuse.

Thank you for your business with cPanelCentral.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

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