WHMCS Modules

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This WHMCS module will allow your customers to generate a Security PIN which will enable you to verify the account holder by using a single pin, which can either expire after a number of hours to verify the customer.

Order Offer Module

Keep your customers coming back with special offers that grab their attention! The Order Offer module for WHMCS randomly displays pre-selected product offers to users on any Client Area and Order Form page.

Product Image Module

Bring attention to your products and services in WHMCS with product images! Our product image module for WHMCS allows you to easily upload and assign images to products, services, domains, and bundles.

Hetzner Server Automation

Oversee each move of your Hetzner Server! A Single WHMCS Module to handle all the activities of your Hetzner Servers. Get all One-click Options to control your Server(s). The modules allow you to resell Hetzner's servers.

PreMadeKB for WHMCS

✓ Instant Activation
✓ Ready-Made Articles
✓ Version 2.3 (Updated)
✓ 444 Professional Articles
✓ Easy Installation
✓ Support Latest WHMCS

CSF Unblocker v4

✓ Instant Activation
✓ CSF IP Unblocker
✓ cPanel & DA Support
✓ Admin; Client Interface
✓ Easy Installation
✓ Support Latest WHMCS

Currency Exchanger

A WHMCS module developed by us for those who needs multiple currencies on their WHMCS. Our module use a free API that will show/update exchange rate of base currency on your WHMCS.

WS Client Verification

Through this module, you can simply verify your client in a minute. Through the client area, the user can easily upload a photo ID card and after that, you need to approve verification inside the admin area.

Email Verification Pro

When registering (without placing an order), WHMCS would allow the client to do anything, without verifying their email. With the module after registration, they will be redirected to the page where they will have to verify their email.

WS SMS Manager2

SMS Manager is an advanced SMS System that offers you the ability to automatically send SMS messages to your clients on certain events (such as SMS for client login, SMS for a new invoice, SMS for an overdue invoice, etc.)

Email Auto Authorization

This module will make it easy for your customers to view the client area thru a link that generates with each email without the need to login with an option to make the link expire in X days.

WS Agree Terms

For example, if you sell dedicated server and you have different terms then what you show on your site then you can add the term of this group only. Now when customers order this service/server then it shows the terms they need to agree to.

File & Database Installer

Whether you just want to install a few files or a fully functioning blog site, the File & Database Installer can seamlessly load files and a database with ease! The File & Database Installer module for WHMCS.

One Page Checkout

This module makes it possible to turn any page into a checkout page. It also makes it easier for your customers to buy from these custom checkout pages by displaying both product selection and checkout forms on a single page.


The SEO addon has many features. Such as, it shows you the problems & suggestions about the values used for page entries. You can reach it on the SEO Menu and also you can see the notices on the right-most icon of the menu.

WS Phone Verification

The Phone Verification is a WHMCS addon that helps eliminate fraud and makes sure accounts created are legit as each phone number is verified to make sure it is real. To be noted, this module will only verify new clients.

WGS VMware Module

WGS VMware WHMCS Module is a fully automated provisioning module that will reduce your 90% IT person cost by creating an automatic VM when the user places an order on your website. The module is compatible with vCenter 7.0

WGS Linode Manager

To start a VPS reselling business with Linode seems now possible with the WGS Linode Manager module. The module allows you to resell VPSes and even allows your clients to manage their purchased servers from the client area.

WS Support PIN

WS Support PIN module will allow you to verify the account holder by using a single pin. The module offers a lots of features including encrypted PIN, PIN expiration after specific hours set from the WHMCS admin panel.

WS Client Notifications

Client Notifications module allows you to send messages to individual clients or all your Clients at once. Once the member login they will see all the messengers received on the front page. You can create unlimited notifications with this.

WS Domain Auction

When a domain expires, it typically goes right back to the registry. If it's a valuable domain name, however, registrars will try to sell it through auction, and buyers are always eager to capitalize on potential deals.

Client Password Changer

WHMCS starting from version 8 admin will not have the ability to change the user password from the admin area that’s why we created the client password changer module it will allow the admin to change password.

Hetzner VPS For WHMCS

Hetzner VPS For WHMCS is a module cleverly designed to automate the provisioning as well as all routine tasks in the management of Hetzner virtual machines. Having a free choice from a range of configurable options, your clients will easily order servers suited to their personal preferences.

Advanced Menu Manager

Managing the WHMCS menu used to be complex, requiring HTML, CSS, and PHP skills. Now, a user-friendly module simplifies the process. It allows for adding unlimited menus, customizing visibility, translating titles, and reordering items with ease through a simple interface.