First Evening of Ramadan Promotions [2021]

Hi everyone, hope all of you are well. We're here to announce new promo codes for the upcoming first evening of Ramadan 2021. Hope you will like it! :) cPanel/WHM - VPS / VDSPrice: $8.50 per month[ ORDER NOW ] cPanel/WHM - Dedicated ServerPrice: $14.50 per month[ ORDER NOW ] Included free of costs...* FleetSSL* Softaculous Free JetBackup & ... Read More »

5th Apr 2021
Pre-Black Friday Promotions! Huge Discounts

cPanelCentral is celebrating black Friday 2020 with some crazy mad deals that will make your jaw drop, as well as including our standard goodies such as cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Plesk WebHost licenses, and addons/plugins. Below we have everything for everyone! cPanel/WHM for VPS/VDSUnlimited cPanel AccountsPrice: $59.95/yr - Order Now cPanel/WHM ... Read More »

22nd Nov 2020
LIteSpeed Licensing Issues Fixed Completely

Clients were complaining about LiteSpeed license stability in the past month, so we have updated our LSWSsys. Clients, please open a support ticket to transfer your LSWS license to the new version LSWSsys. * In the newer version of LiteSpeed, there will be no changes in the server's PHP settings. * We have added our own PHP binary. So none of ... Read More »

12th Sept 2020
303 Happy Hours for Everyone!!! - Eid al-Adha

Dear clients, hope, all of you're safe and your health is good. Finally, we're happy to announce 303 happy hours! Within this 303 happy hours, you can grab a lot of licenses with special discounts. cPanel/WHM for VPS/VDS @ $7.00/mo (recurring)Pay $8.00 and get $1.00 for the next month!Order ... Read More »

17th Jul 2020
Free FleetSSL with Every cPanel/WHM License

Eid Mubarak! We hope, all of you're well by the grace of Almighty Allah. We are introducing free FleetSSL with a cPanel/WHM license free of costs from today! Many peoples don't know much about FleetSSL. Here's what they had to say: FleetSSL cPanel (formerly Let's Encrypt for cPanel) is an unofficial cPanel/WHM plugin for the Let's Encrypt™ ... Read More »

25th May 2020
Ramadan Offers on All Licenses for Everyone

Hello guys, as we have promised with you to give a huge discount in the holy month of Ramzan, so we are offering you today some special discounts on cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, LiteSpeed, Plesk, and WHMCS licenses. So just order and enjoy the cheapest discounted prices! cPanel/WHM License cPanel/WHM (VPS/VDS)Promo: 22ERMKF5V6Price: $54.95 ... Read More »

24th Apr 2020
Would like to Move/Shift from Other Provider?

If you want to move from the CSP/YIT licensing system to ours, there are some special discounts for you. However, you must prove that you are using the CPS/YIT licensing system on your server. You need to specify the website URL of the license provider, a screenshot of the license information, a few screenshots of the details of the invoice/s, a ... Read More »

23rd Apr 2020
Free Sitepad Ent. License with cPanel/WHM

What is SitePad? SitePad is a website builder that lets you design professional websites using an easy to use editor. Over 300 responsive themes are included which cover a wide range of categories such as blogs, business, portfolios, restaurants, travel and many more. Integration with many Control Panels 300+ Response Themes 40+ ... Read More »

18th Apr 2020
WHMCS License Reseller with Own Branding

Recently, many of our clients requested for WHMCS license reseller with their own branding! That's why we started providing a WHMCS license reseller from today. We will not charge any setup fees for the WHMCS license reseller. But if any of our clients who interested in our WHMCS license reseller, they have to deposit a minimum of $50 in their ... Read More »

6th Apr 2020
LiteMage Unlimited with LiteSpeed License

Dear valuable customers,From now, until 17th June 2020, we will provide free LiteMage Unlimited with LiteSpeed license. To claim the offer, please use the following promo code to get discounts on the pricing on the LiteSpeed license with a free LiteMage Unlimited subscription!LiteSpeed WebHost ProfessionalPromo Code: Z6DO6XYB53Price: $19.95 USD ... Read More »

1st Apr 2020