Are you worried about the security of your WordPress sites? We've launched a new product: Wordfence Premium

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  • WordPress plugin
  • Instant Activation
  • Zero Interruption



We always try to provide our services at lower prices. So, as always, the prices we've set for it start from $1.95 USD per month for a 1x Website license. Details below:

  1. 1x Website @ $1.95 USD per month
  2. 5x Websites @ $5.95 USD per month
  3. 1x Server @ $9.95 USD per month
  4. More plans will be added soon...


Note: Website licenses are limited to a specified domains/subdomains. You won't able to use the website license on multiple subdomains if you buy the subscription for your main domain. You may use all domains hosted on the same server if you buy a 1x Server license. Keep in mind, if you do not renew the subscription on time, you'll be restricted from using the premium features of Wordfence.


Easy to install. First of all, download the ZIPPED archive from our Downloads section. Upload it to your WordPress installation » wp-contents » plugins. Then, extract the ZIPPED archive. Open 〞directory.php 〟file with your preferred editor and modify the directory. Then, go to your website's wp-admin dashboard. Switch to plugins and activate the CC Wordfence plugin. Now you may go to the CC Wordfence option to see the license status of your Wordfence. Don't forget to follow the last step. Add a cronjob ( the file named run-cron.php under cc-wordfence directory ) to your hosting. That's all!



Sunday, May 30, 2021

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