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Payment Gateway Charges

ModulesGarden Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS is targeted at allowing you the freedom to impose an additional fee or set up a discount to be applied for the usage of a particular payment gateway.

Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS

Proxmox VE VPS is a high-powered module that will automate all stages of provisioning virtual servers, from delivery to close management. Owing to clear configuration, you will quickly and capably set up ready VPS products.

Plesk Extended For WHMCS

Plesk Extended will let you automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts, and supply your clients with a whole range of tools for their proficient management at the same time. Enter a completely new fashion with it.

SMS Center For WHMCS

SMS Center has been designed to let you send text messages to both your clients and staff members right from within your WHMCS. The module features support for over 60 SMS gateways, including the world’s favorite Twilio,

cPanel Extended For WHMCS

cPanel Extended is a fully-fledged module that automates the complete provisioning flow and enables careful management of web hosting accounts by relocating the bulk of essential cPanel features directly into your WHMCS.

WordPress Manager For WHMCS

WordPress Manager will provide your clients with a sought-after capability to install and manage WP instances in detail without the bother of ever leaving your WHMCS. Take the hassle out of using WP and fit the handling of this CMS.