Solution: Imunify UI - Not Found issue with CyberPanel

If you have installed Imunify360 or, ImunifyAV on CyberPanel with or with CLI or, UI, you may face the issue that when you click on the Imunify accessible webpage, it does not work! It shows an error "Not Found". Since ImunifyAV or, Imunify360 software/s (none of them) does not support their installation officially with them, it requires installing standalone! While performing the standalone installation, sometimes, it does not execute the program permissions itself! So, it requires executing them manually!


  1. Log into your server with SSH (root)
  2. Open Terminal, copy, and execute the followings:
cd /usr/local/CyberCP/public/imunify*
chmod +x ./sbin/
chmod +x ./bin/

The command is universal, for Imunify360 and ImunifyAV both, since we added a star ( * ) at the command, which will switch to the detected directory of Imunify360 or, ImunifyAV installation itself!

That's all! You've should have been able to solve it successfully! If you still persist the issue, feel free to contact us!

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