How to install and enable SpamAssassin on DA?

To enable SpamAssassin on DA, we need to install it first. Before installing SpamAssassin, ensure have the perl/cpan requirements.

  1. Install the following required modules
    cpan -i Archive::Tar Digest::SHA Net::DNS Net::DNS::Resolver::Programmable Mail::SPF Geo::IP Net::CIDR::Lite IO::Socket::IP \
    IP::Country Net::Ident Net::Patricia IO::Socket::INET6 Compress::Zlib Mail::DKIM LWP::UserAgent HTTP::Date Encode::Detect ExtUtils::MakeMaker \
    NetAddr::IP Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Razor2 Razor2::Client::Agent IO::Socket::SSL DBI Sys::Syslog DBD::File
  2. Use CustomBuild to install SpamAssassin:
    cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
    ./build set spamd spamassassin
    ./build spamassassin
  3. Once setup, and exim is restarted, spamd should be running, confirm with:
    ps ax |grep spamd
  4. SpamAssassin is setup and running!
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