Connect Boxbilling with WHM & create accounts

Boxbilling is one of the popular free webhost billing software.

  • Download Boxbilling webhost billing software from your clientarea (our website)
  • Install it to your website root as Boxbilling provides both frontend and backend support.
  • After installation login to your admin panel and Go to Configuration > Hosting Plans and Servers > New Server tab

Add a New Server

  • Name – The name of your server, e.g. ServerOne
  • Hostname – Your server’s hostname, e.g. localhost (you can use either a hostname or IP address)
  • IP Address – Your server IP address
  • Assigned IP Addresses – Write the IP Addresses that are assigned to your server (One per line)
  • Enable/Disable – Disabled servers will not be shown in the drop-down menus
  • Nameservers – Add server nameservers
  • Server Manager – Custom or cPanel/WHM
  • Server Manager username – WHM username
  • Server Manager password – WHM password
  • Access Hash – Optional
  • Use Secure connection – Yes

Next, you need to Create a New Hosting Plan.

  • Go to Configuration > Hosting Plans and Servers > New Hosting Plan tab
  • Name: Plan or package name
  • Disk quota (MB): Diskspace
  • Bandwidth (MB): Bandwidth

Add hosting plan additional parameters

  • Parameter name: Package name
  • Parameter value: Package slug

Finally the most important part, you need to Add Product. When you add the product, it must be matched with the Server and Hosting Plan.

    • Products > Products / Services > New Product
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