Install Let's Encrypt SSL in cPanel/WHM

Let's Encrypt, a valid, open-source license that offers free SSL for your domains. The Let's Encrypt plugins for Cpanel are now readily available and how to use them for installation and renewal. The Let's Encrypt plug-in allows you to automatically submit your cPanel accounts using SSL Encrypt licenses to sites that have not previously signed a CA certificate.


There are two important prerequisites for dealing with a license that can be issued:

The domain name you want to sign up for should be the cPanel/WHM server.

2. Let's Encrypt ™ CA must be able to visit http://your-domain.tld/.well-known/xxxxx/xxx  successfully. These directories or files are created automatically, but you should be careful that .htaccess rules do not prevent you from accessing them.

Free installation of the official cPanel plugin :

Enter the command line via SSH as the root user.

Run the following command:



In the SSL / TLS section, go to AutoSSL and select Let's Encrypt and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Then go to Manage Users and select the domain you want to enable SSL for Run AutoSSL.

Successful and victorious!

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