How to Upgrade Clientexec? (Very easy & simple steps)


1. Login to your cPanel Account
2. Scroll down to the Databases section.
3. Click the phpMyAdmin icon.
4. Choose your ClientExec database from the left-hand side (Should be labeled something like _cxdb1)
5. Click the Export tab.
6. Click the Go button to create a backup of your database.


1. You will need to download the latest version of Clientexec from the Clientexec download page.
Note: Please choose the ionCube encoded copy
2. Once downloaded unzip the file.
3. It is recommended that you remove all but the "config.php" file and "uploads" directory from the server.
4. Upload all but the config.php and uploads directory to the server


1. To start the update process you will need to enter the URL of your Clientexec installation and append /install.php to the URL. (e.g.
It is possible that you will need to update your version of PHP, if so please see PHP Version Selection (PHP Config)
2. Login using your ClientExec E-mail/Username and Password
3. Agree to the End-user license agreement
4. Choose to continue
5. Check the box stating that you have created a backup of your database and click Continue
Your installation of Clientexec should now be updated.

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